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Posted Date: February 03, 2010

P & N Consultants

Why P&N Consultants?

The concept of overseas education is still a myth for many people especially who live away from the metros. Most often than not, they have no idea about the scope to enhance knowledge in their field of study even though they have an ardent desire to achieve greater heights. Today, with the educational institutions and consultancy services mushrooming almost everywhere, the gap between the aspirants and the universities seems wider. Most of these services merely connect people to Universities and Colleges abroad. But there is more to it, like the choice of subjects, pre-admission preparations and post-admission requirements to make the journey not only hassle free but also enjoyable.

P&N comes with such a difference. We spend more time in educating people to become students. We make them realize their dreams and aspirations and how affordable it still remains. We ensure that the candidates understand the availability of umpteen courses and assist them in making the right choice of course and institution. We also help them understand the financial aid available for them, such as loans from government authorized banks and other organizations.

We conduct regular coaching sessions for candidates who apply for the English proficiency tests and empower them with pre-departure training sessions. We assist all our candidates with their Education requirements, Accommodation, Educational loans, travel and other tasks including assistance in filling Visa application forms. We guide them about the culture and life style in UK. We also advise on the student part-time and vacation working hours to identify their earning potential as they study.

Nor the best of scorers have always made it to the business schools neither have they always been the best of entrepreneurs. It is the attitude and interest one show towards education after going abroad. Mostly, people tend to get distracted by the amount of earning potential they identify after reaching there. What they fail to understand is the fact that they can earn more after they complete the course on time without any back logs in schedule. Hence we at P&N make sure that we give the complete picture of their stay abroad while making a career.

Student life in the UK

Life takes a new perspective as you begin your education in UK. The first few months will be a complete learning experience as you engage yourself with the transport system, housing, banking, part-time work opportunities, requirements, sports, gaming and social networking.

Generally, it is a safe and welcoming place for international students. New students can be a target for crooks though. It is advisable to stay in groups and avoid any display of valuables. Emergency services @ 999 are available round the clock, free from any phone. For non-emergencies contact the nearest police station.

Also, holding a UK bank account would be the best alternative to carrying cash. This also enables hassle free bill and rent payments. You can get a basic bank account which does not offer credit facility but will enable you to use a cash machine and make payments. That way, you could keep crooks away.

Airport pick up and accommodation

We arrange pick up from the airport to almost every part of the UK. We also provide guidance on your accommodation needs. Our course coordinators would be more than happy to advise you on any of the aforesaid needs, especially on the need to carry a travel card, SIM and National Insurance.

Part-time Jobs

You are at will to choose from a wide range of part time opportunities. You may decide to work only during your vacation or during the entire term duration. You may make this decision based on your choice of course and your capacity and of course your interests. Having said, legally you have a permit to work 20 hours per week during course time and full time during vacation.

It would be an added advantage to have completed short term courses such as catering management, bar management, beautician, plumbing, electrical works and retail to grab a well paid part-time job. You may have to write a basic exam to clear certification in the UK.

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